FDFAC Guarantee

FDFAC stands by our commitment to the very best in lower extremity care

FDFAC Guarantee

Our Commitment to You includes a Guarantee

Once again, we at FDFAC are ahead of the curve in our offerings. We have always been early adopters of technology that provides greater benefit and cost savings to our patients. We were also the first clinic to offer reserved appointments that start on time.

Like many family owned businesses, we like a challenge. It keeps us focused on what’s important:

  • Providing best-in-class healthcare
  • Offering customer service that is unmatched

Now we are raising the bar just a little higher by offering guarantees for the following:

  • Custom Orthotics Guarantee - Love them or we refund your out of pocket expense
  • Appointment Guarantee - If we don’t run on time, we pay you $500.00

Because we can and we want you to have your life back, we are offering free MLS Laser Therapy treatments. This fast, safe and effective treatment can get you back to your sport or activity just as you were before. Let this be the treatment that causes you to forget you were even injured.

Please read the guarantees/offering for the descriptions and limitations.

At FDFAC, we hang our hats on our Custom Orthotics and we believe no other facility or clinic can provide you with a better and more accurate, functional device. No other facility has the experience or the tools found at FDFAC.

If for any reason within the first year, your Custom Orthotics do not provide the pain relief that you were expecting, we will refund your out-of-pocket expense.


  • Guarantee specifically covers procedure code L3000 Right/Left
  • Guarantee expires 365 days after ordering your Custom Orthotics
  • Guarantee excludes office visits, co-pay, co-insurance, deductible and any other service or product
  • Guarantee excludes failure due to missed orthotic appointments to ensure proper fit and performance
  • Guarantee excludes alteration of the device by any party other than FDFAC

The majority of the patients we see are on a tight time schedule and their expectation is to be seen at their appointed time. Like a well oiled machine, our appointments almost always run on time. On the rare occasion that we do not, we will gladly pay you $500 for the time you wait. We will also make you a member of a very small club, "The $500 Club", with public recognition if you choose. Just think of the bragging rights you could have on Facebook!


  • Running late will be defined as not being seen by a practitioner for an appointment that starts 10 minutes after your scheduled time
  • Guarantee not valid for equipment failure
  • Guarantee not valid for what can be termed as an act of god
  • Guarantee not valid due to PG&E electrical grid failure
  • Practitioners out due to illness or other circumstances beyond our control

For a limited time, FDFAC is offering 3 free MLS Laser Therapy treatments to our patients with specific conditions that would benefit from MLS Laser Therapy.


  • Must be a current patient at FDFAC
  • Office visit fees, co-pay, deductible and co-insurance still apply
  • Missed appointment or late rescheduling will result in forfeiture of free treatment offer

You deserve the same level of care that we demand for ourselves

Dr. Jenny Sanders FDFAC Founder | Primary Physician and Biomechanist

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