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On-Site MRI

MRI's use magnetism and radio waves to visualize what is inside the body. MRI's usually consist of two to six imaging sequences, each lasting from two to fifteen minutes depending upon the area of interest. Each sequence can produce an image of the area of interest in several planes or image slices or cross sections. MRI's are able to detect certain diseases much earlier than other medical imaging technologies, therefore often lowering diagnostic work-up and later late stage surgeries and procedures. This often saves money by preventing unnecessary invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures in patients where the procedures performed do very little to help diagnose the condition. This often makes the MRI the diagnostic tool of choice for many medical professionals and insurance companies. FDFAC is proud to be the flagship clinic for esaote North America having the first O-scan Dedicated MRI for lower extermities in the Bay Area.

How is an MRI different than an X-Ray?

Although both MRI and X-Ray allow doctors to visualize what's inside the body, they achieve this in very different ways. An MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to produce images of inside the body while X-ray use minor amounts of radiation.

We don't have the overhead that hospitals and free standing imaging centers have, which can add up to big savings for you. In many cases, having your lower extremity imaging done at FDFAC can save you up to 75% over other facilities contracted insurance rates.

If you have suffered an injury and require diagnostics to confirm diagnosis, FDFAC can help. Call for an appointment today, and request an evaluation using any of our in-office diagnostic treatments.


FDFAC is accreditated by Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)


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