Financial District Foot & Ankle Center San Francisco provides highest quality sports medicine treatment plans to get you back in the game and to reach your potential. No other private clinic in Northern California offers the same technology, expertise or accessibility as FDFAC.


Objective approach that increases performance and reduces injury.

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MLS Laser Therapy

Painless treatment for common conditions with 90% sucess rate.

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Trauma • Injury

Accurate diagnosis and advanced same day treatment minimizes downtime.

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Video Running Analysis

FDFAC is one of the few clinics in the USA that is certified for motion analysis.

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Scientific Shoe Fitting 

Pressure mapping utilizing a database of every athletic shoe manufactured.

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Cellular Allograft Therapy

FDFAC is the only private office in The City offering this surgical alternative.

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We're obsessed with athletic performance and scientific methods to prevent injury.

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On-Site Diagnostics

On-site MRI, Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound. We start treatment on your inital visit.

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Scientific Gait Analysis

Objective and scientific, utilizing state-of-the-art German engineering.

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