Sports Related Injuries

Sports realted injuries

Experience & Technology Matter

Financial District Foot & Ankle Center has treated athletes of all skill levels who love all kinds of sports, including:

  • Elite Athletes: Olympic Runners and Sponsored Triathletes
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Collegiate Sports
  • Field Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby
  • Court Sports: Tennis, Basketball, Squash
  • Cycling (road and mountain biking)
  • Hiking & Golf
  • Endurance Events: Ultra Runners, Ironman, Century Rides
  • Dance: Modern, Jazz, Salsa, Ballroom
  • Winter Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Hockey

As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of getting you back to your sport as soon as possible after an injury. This is why we carefully monitor your progress, every step of the way. We won’t release you back to your sport before you’re ready, which alleviates the danger of potentially worsening your injury. We also won’t keep you in the dark with uncertain timelines of when you will be able to return to your sport. Instead, we’ll develop a solid plan that’s based on your injury and fitness level, with benchmarks, goals and performance indicators to ensure you get back to your sport quickly, with confidence and strength.

If you have a sports injury that threatens to keep you out of your game, FDFAC can help. Call us today and make an appointment to begin the journey back to fitness and health.


At FDFAC, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive the same level of exceptional treatment and care. Our team is committed to partnering with you, and to getting you back to the activities you love ASAP.

  Life happens. Don’t wait.