Scientific Shoe Fitting

Scientific Shoe Fitting

We take the guesswork out of selecting proper athletic shoes

Confused by whether you should be wearing a motion control shoe or a minimalist shoe style? Do you know whether or not you have a flat foot or high arch? Is your foot normal width, wide width or narrow width? Not sure whether you are a forefoot, mid-foot or rear-foot striker and wonder how this relates to your shoes? Have ever been told you are a supinator or a pronator and that this is the cause of your injury? Fortunately, we understand all of these questions and we’re here to help.

We are unique in the field in that we will measure your feet and analyze your alignment before making a recommendation for you to purchase shoes. FDFAC takes pride in having evaluated over 650,000 pair of patient’s shoes. Our approach takes into account the latest scientific shoe research and combines this with current shoe models, styles and trends to determine what’s best for you. Using this information, we are able to match your individual foot size, shape, width, alignment and activity to help fit you into the perfect shoe.

With our comprehensive analysis, you can be sure that our up-to-date recommendations will help keep you performing your best and injury-free.


At FDFAC, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive the same level of exceptional treatment and care. Our team is committed to partnering with you, and to getting you back to the activities you love ASAP.

  Life happens. Don’t wait.