Biomechanics and Motion Analysis


Objective and Science Based for Each Individual

At FDFAC we’re obsessed with movement, and with how your individual alignment can lead to deformity or injury. We have years of experience in analyzing both normal and abnormal alignment and gait, and we’re experts at identifying potential lower extremity problems -- enabling us to address lower extremity challenges before they occur, instead of after.

Through rigorous analysis and diagnostics, we’re able to determine whether your bunion is caused from wearing shoes that are too tight, or whether they’re inherited from your mother’s side of the family. By watching you run, we can determine whether you will be prone to knee pain, or whether heel pain will more likely affect you when training for a half marathon.

In order to assess your movement we use a variety of measurements, including:

    Foot Size and Shape

    When was the last time you had your foot measured? Do you know whether or not your feet are the same size? Do you have a high arch or a flat foot? Are the shoes you’re wearing -- for work or for sport -- contributing to your foot pain? Shoes form the foundation of our analysis, and are an integral part of our treatment success.

    Standing Alignment

    We will evaluate you standing barefoot and with your shoes on. We will look at your knees, your hips, your back, and your shoulders. Is your posture within the normal range or is there something about your posture that is contributing to your injury?

    Walking Alignment

    Same procedure as Standing Alignment above, but done while we watch you walk. Oftentimes, changes seen during walking aren’t seen during standing -- so we always watch you both walking and standing.

    Running Alignment

    Analysis is performed running barefoot, as well as running in your shoes. This analysis can be done with or without video -- depending on your goals. Without the ability to evaluate your form during actual running, important clues specific to your individual running will be missed.

Once we have a clear picture of your alignment, we’ll better be able to help you. Treatments based on biomechanical analysis may include shoe recommendations, orthotics, exercise, modifications to your activity or surgery. Or, we may refer you to one of our clinical partners for additional follow up and treatment.

If you think your alignment may be the cause of your pain or injury. Call today and make an appointment with one of FDFAC’s biomechanical specialists for evaluation and treatment.


At FDFAC, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive the same level of exceptional treatment and care. Our team is committed to partnering with you, and to getting you back to the activities you love ASAP.

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