Preventative Care

Athletic Injury Prevention

Preventative Care

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Many of the injuries that we see and treat in our clinic could have been prevented and our aim is to provide services to help our athletic patients stay active and injury free. FDFAC uses techniques and German technologies that are found in major athletic shoe manufacturers and University research labs.


Designed and developed in Germany, the MOTIONQUEST system analyzes the pressure of your foot, taking into account mulltiple factors in order to recommend a short list of athletic shoes from it's database of over 1,800 shoe models. Each shoe is evaluated and scientifically tested, with data updated in seasonal intervals.


FDFAC has used F-Scan since 2004. The F-Scan System captures dynamic in-shoe pressure and force information and reveals interaction between foot and footwear. Unlike traditional visual observation of foot function and gait, F-Scan quantifies force, contact pressure distribution, and timing. The system includes sensors, scanning electronics, and software as well as a protocol for analysis, diagnosis, and confirmation of the effectiveness of interventions. The extremely thin, high resolution F-Scan sensor ensures the most accurate data is captured. F-Scan provides biomechanical parameters and a better understanding of foot function, gait, and factors that effect both.


The TEMPLO motion analysis software is the solution for routine and structured gait analysis in order to make footwear and insert recommendations as well as suggestions for optimising running style.

Analyse movements, determine injury patterns, document treatment results – this modern video analysis software will enable you to make recordings with three digital HD cameras at the same time. This will enable you to measure the movement of individual joints and describe them in biomechanical terms. You will then be able to finally concentrate completely on your work with customers or patients because the TEMPLO software gives you access to all the templates you need at the touch of a button. Both in the running and gait analysis and the clinical motion analysis, the software offers all the standard tools to be able to record, measure and document data quickly and objectively.

H-P Cosmos Motion Analysis Running Machine

FDFAC has used H-P Cosmos Running Machine since 2004 and is the only medical clinic on the West Coast to use this state-of-the-art running machine. An integral part to every walking and running analysis performed at FDFAC, the remote controlled H-P Cosmos running machine assists physicians in viewing forward, reverse, incline and side analysis of gait. With a wide belt and stable running surface it’s the perfect complement to H-P Cosmos Para Motion software used for motion analysis. The H-P Cosmos Running Machine is unmatched to other forward only treadmill machines.


All FDFAC podiatrists are board certified, and we are used to seeing athletes of all kinds. And having a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine can make all the difference in your recovery — we partner with you so that you can actually get back to the sport that you love ASAP.

  Life happens. Don’t wait.