Erica Wilson

Erica Wilson, Running Caoch

Erica "Coach E" Wilson

Running Coach

Erica joined FDFAC in 2019 in the highly valued role of Running Coach. Her years of training and experience is vital to the clinic and the patients we serve.

• Track and Field
• Modern-Contemporary • Jazz
• Ballet
• Improvisation
• Salsa/Samba
• Afro-Beat
• Biking
• Boxing
• Swimming  

• Assistant Hurdle/Sprint Track and Field Coach: Laney College
• USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach
• Unattached Track and Field Athlete
• Former UC Berkeley Intercollegiate Track and Field Sprinter
• Former 2013 CCCAA State Meet Champion and #1 Nation Rank 100 Meter Hurdles
• Personal Trainer
• East Bay-SF Bay Area Dance and Performing Artist
• Deep Waters Dance Company Artist/Performer
• Productions and Projects with Zaccho Dance Theater
• UC Berkeley TDPS
• Afro-Urban Society

Bachelors in African American Studies and Dance and Performing Arts-College of Letters & Science.

Personal health, will, development, and truth.

Leisure Activities
Arts & Entertainment, Performance Curator, Sports Modeling, Acting, Visual-Drawing Artist, Poet, Movement and Wellness Worker, and Mind-Body-Soul Activist-Influencer.

Birthed with right to express your gifts, not to live in fear but courageously and relentless in power

Erica Wilson