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  Financial District Foot & Ankle Center has always billed with the highest of ethics. FDFAC accepts insurance contracted rates for covered benefits. We contract with most preferred provider organizations (PPO) and as a courtesy to our patients will bill your PPO insurance company for you. Increasingly, more practices are adding on services which are in addition to what your insurance allows. The following lists some examples of these services which other clinics apply but we will never do.

Wellness Codes
Some practitioners use a "Wellness Code" as a means to bill an extra $100 to $250 per visit. Most insurance plans do not view this as a covered benefit, and as such will not pay for it. This means that unlike a standard office visit, this amount is not subject to insurance reimbursement and you will be responsible to pay the entire balance due. FDFAC has never billed "Wellness Codes" and never will. We feel this is a disservice to patients especially when a more applicable insurance code is available and should have been used in the first place.

Membership Fee
Some clinics charge a membership fee before they will accept you as a patient. FDFAC doesn't believe patients should be required to pay a fee to become a patient. These types of fees are similar to how we view Service Waivers when a insured patient is seen by a contracted provider.

Facility Fees
Many clinics charge an extra fee to cover their overhead. These "Facility Fees", can be in the hundreds of dollars in addition to visit and other charges applied. Once again, FDFAC will never charge you a facility fee since this should already be included in the usual and customary charges you pay.

Named Partner Fees
It is not uncommon for a practice to charge additional fees when seeing a named partner. These fees can rise to several hundred dollars per visit in addition to other standard office visit fees. FDFAC has never charged this type of fee and never will.

Service Waiver
Some practitioners will ask that you sign a waiver prior to receiving service that allows them to bill above and beyond any contracted rate they have with your insurance company for covered benefits. Signing this waiver overrides what your insurance company allows and doing so requires that you pay more than agreed. FDFAC believes this to be an unethical practice and simply won’t do it.

FDFAC Billing Codes and Prices
As a way to better inform our patients, we were the first practice to provide a Billing Codes and Fee list containing the most often used service codes and amounts charged for our practice. Use this as a guide to better understand your financial responsibility with our clinic.
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New Patient Registration

Unlike most specialists, we never double or triple-book patients for any given appointment, allowing us to fully respect everyone's valuable time.

We keep this system flowing by pre-registering all new patients in order to reserve no-waiting appointments.


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"Dr. Sanders has helped relieve my plantar fascitis with custom-made orthotics. I had actually seen another podiatrist who looked at my foot and told me to wear Asics and do some stretching. This wasn't helpful.

When I arrived at FDFAC, I was greeted by very friendly staff. Steve at the front desk is very sweet. Dr. Sanders did a complete evaluation including observing me walk and x-raying my feet. She found that I had a bone spur. She then set me up for an orthotic fitting. Jonathan, the physiatrist, did a great job at evaluating my foot. It did take a little while to get the right orthotics. The first pair were made too narrow, and the adjusted version didn't quite work. But Dr. Sanders kept on until we got it right. I now have a pair of well-fitting cushy orthotics that allow me to run again! Yeah!

A few things to know is that the office requires patients to call their insurance companies to figure out your insurance coverage BEFORE scheduling the appointment. Although this might seem tedious, I actually was relieved to know exactly what would be covered and not covered. After this, the insurance billing went smoothly."

- Daniela
San Francisco
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